Campsite Facilities

1. Six rooms that sleeps a max of 67 people. (Bring own bedding, only a fitted sheet is provided)

2. Kitchen with microwave, fridges, freezers, Gas stove, urn, all utensils and bowls etc. (Campers to provide own  plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons and cups.)

3. Dinning hall with tables and chairs.

4. Seminar/Conference Hall with tables and chairs. Electric drop-down screen against the front wall.

5. Big grass area that is available to use for sports like soccer and volleyball or team-building.

6. Braai/Campfire area

7. Adventure Courses – These courses are used when we do our programming for the camps, it is mainly for teambuilding. These adventure courses are not allowed to be used without our qualified facilitators.


Room 1 (Yahweh Mallak)

1A – 3 beds

1B – 3 beds

Room 2 (Yahweh Shammah) – 10 beds

Room 3 (Yahweh Yasha) – 16 beds

Room 4 (Yahweh Bara) – 17 beds

Room 5 (Yahweh Jireh) – 10 beds

Room 6 (Yahweh Rapha) – 10 beds

Total 69 Beds