Character Coaching

Coaching the Heart of the Coach and the Athlete

Our Character Coaching initiative works towards holistic transformation. Using the universal language of sport, we engage with all athletes and coaches, helping them realize their full potential and influence on and off the field. As we work in the world of sport we strive to let our light shine bright, so that people might see our work and give glory to God in heaven.

As coaches we work with athletes in the sports they are passionate about. The unifying element though, is that coaches don’t just settle for coaching sport, they coach life. In addition to delivering high level technical and tactical coaching, SCAS’s Character Coaches teach Biblical values and life skills. As important as it is for athletes to develop their sport skills, it is crucial that they come to understand who they are in Christ, that they establish a firm foundation for a bright and successful future.

We are also passionate about discipleship with coaches and athletes. In South Africa, and across the world, there is a tremendous need for coaches and athletes that understand the value of holistic coaching with Biblical principles. Through a multi-level training structure and regional huddle groups, we create an environment where we can coach the heart of coaches and athletes, and where coaches and athletes can support each other, as they strive to leave a lasting legacy on and off the field. SCAS encourages coaches and athletes to utilize the Discovery Bible Study method, and connects them to cutting edge Whole Life Coaching resources from around the world.