“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10

My brother plays varsity soccer in Abilene. He’s an extremely talented player, starts as a sophomore and plays most of the game. As a midfielder, he’s an integral part of the team. The team looks to him to make the passes. They depend on him for the setting up the offensive attack. They need him to be there on defense and to cover for other’s mistakes. Recently, he got his first goal. It was from 35 yards (30 meters) out. It was a difficult shot into the wind that went into the upper left corner of the goal, impossible to block. His reaction was priceless. He simply threw his arms up with a grin on his face and ran to his team, rejoicing. It’s in moments like that that I see one of the greatest virtues played out. Humility. The entire team knows that he is one of the best players and is necessary for them to win, but even then, he does not brag or boast or belittle others. Neither does he fall into the pattern of this world by forcing players who are not as good as him to shag the balls, or pick up the cones.

Christ calls us to the same attitude of humility. From a standpoint of humility, we can see others as God made them: a wonderful creation with the image of God inside of them. We are not supposed to boast in anything, not the freedom that we have, nor our own power and abilities. Instead, we point all the glory to God. Just as my brother allowed his small victory to glorify and lift up the team as a whole, so to should we let our lives, and the victories that we have, bring honor and praise to our teammates in Christ and, most especially, to our Coach.

What are practical ways that you can humble yourself?

What are some of the hard parts of being humble?

Try taking the positions of humility today. Help clean up, treat others respectfully, and complement others without sarcasm.

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