CEO - Hein Reyneke
CEO – Hein Reyneke

Name: Hein Reyneke

Age: 39

Relationship status: Married to Elzette Reyneke


How did you become part of the SCAS family?

I applied for SCAS SYC in 1994 and was rejected because I was too young, then joined UCSA CYC. In 1995 I met Cassie Carstens who is today my mentor and Discipler that referred me to SCAS and joined the team in 1996. And the rest is history in the making…


When and how did you get saved?

As a Grade 11 rugby player I was introduced to God’sgrace and love for me on the rugby field in Upington by a SCAS SYC team and one Friday evening I bowed my knees and my tong confessed that He is the King of Kings and that is how sport was the vehicle for Christ love in my life.


Who are you? (Tell us more about yourself, what are your passions etc.)

I am the husband of one wife: Elzette reyneke and father to two great boys, Josh 9 and Jaidan 5. Grew up in a small family of 4. My father passed away 10 years ago, my mother lives in Bloemfontein and my sister lives in New Zeeland. I am passioned about Jesus, my family and SCAS.


What has the Lord called you for? 

To train and disciple teams and individuals in Sport Ministry.


An inspiring word?

Serve for the Audience of ONE…

If you are not enough without the gold, you will never be enough with the gold. 


An inspiring verse?

Heb 10:35

 “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded…”



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