Schools, Sports Groups
& Sports Event Organisers

All of the passion but
not enough hands?

Serving at sport events is our passion and what we do best. But we all know passion is just the beginning. You need resources, expertise, and many hands to ensure things run smoothly, safely, effectively. We’re here to fill those gaps for you.


Any athlete will tell you that sport is much more than physical.

Yes, you need strong muscles, agile joints and a fit heart – but you also need something less tangible, though just as real. To run faster and jump higher, to improve and play as a team, to endure under pressure and come back from injury – to win – you need focus, mental toughness and an unwavering sense of purpose.

Discover with fellow athletes what it means to glorify God through your sport.


Coaching is a calling

A coach’s influence stretches far beyond his team. It’s a job that demands many of the same sacrifices made by the athletes – the early mornings, long hours, physical endurance and strength of character – but it plays out on the sidelines, and rarely sees the podium. Coaching is the best job there is, but it can run you dry, leave you flat, even burnt out and uninspired.

Running on empty? SCAS offers workshops, team chaperones and an awesome campsite – with all the refueling you need.


Passionate about God
and sports

Sport connects all kinds of people from diverse backgrounds in the pursuit of a common goal. Much like the gospel. It creates camaraderie across cultures, bridges between believers and non-believers.

Quite simply, sport presents a playing field that is ripe for the harvest.
Partner with us in building your team.

SCAS is a dynamic powerhouse supported by a large, lively team of volunteers – from our energetic chaperones, to donors, sponsors and prayer partners.