2020 has been a good but challenging year for SCAS. We give thanks to God for some amazing ministry opportunities.

We mentioned250x250 template Oct in our previous newsletter about our privilege to facilitate the 3-Dimensional coaching course for coaches in South Africa. During the past six months, 244 coaches from various sporting disciplines have enrolled in the course.




Good day. we hope that you and your family is doing well! The lockdown has changed the way we approach our ministry.After all our physical SCAS outreaches 250x250 templatewere cancelled due to the Coronavirus, we experienced our Lord’s guidance in a big way. We adjusted our ministry plans for 2020, and with God’s grace, we have now more coaches involved with our internet outreaches than ever before.




250x250 1We at SCAS (Sport for Christ Action South Africa) are excited about our opportunities for sharing the love of Jesus Christ as a sports ministry.  New times, new opportunities, new ways of working, new creativity, new wineskins, new hope! Currently, our staff members are reaching out to our chaperones, to students, athletes and coaches, supporting and serving them in a new way. We have strategies to engage, support and minister to them in order to build them up during this time.