2020 has been a good but challenging year for SCAS. We give thanks to God for some amazing ministry opportunities.

We mentioned250x250 template Oct in our previous newsletter about our privilege to facilitate the 3-Dimensional coaching course for coaches in South Africa. During the past six months, 244 coaches from various sporting disciplines have enrolled in the course.




These coaches vary from primary school teachers to the South African School’s rugby coaches. There are some provincial rugby coaches and even some of the Springbok coaching staff. The facilitation is done by 18 volunteer facilitators who are doing an amazing job. There are also weekly SCAS Bible Study huddles for the coaches. We have also started with Bible study sessions (one for coaches and one for players/athletes) at the Stellenbosch Academy of Sports (SAS), where amongst others, the South African national teams for men and women Seven’s Rugby are based. We trust that God will use the SCAS staff to serve, encourage and build into the lives of these elite athletes. May their love and passion for our Lord match and exceed their passion for their sport.


With all our 2020 outreaches cancelled, we made it a priority to serve and encourage our chaperones who served faithfully at our sport events in the past. Our field workers have been contacting them throughout lockdown ensuring that they have a support system. This included personal contact, Zoom huddle sessions and lately an in-person huddle where they discussed God’s word and enjoyed the fellowship. At ‘Die Eiland’ we have used this time to establish a ‘Prayer route/garden’ next to the river where people can come and have an encounter with our living God in the forest of Jonkershoek. If you are ever in the vicinity of ‘Die Eiland’ please pay us a visit and experience the tranquillity of this Prayer Route.


The cancellation of all camps since March, left us struggling to meet our financial monthly expenses which include paying our staff’s salaries. The Gospel is free, and we do not charge anything to serve coaches and athletes, but ministry costs money as we have salaries to pay as well as travelling expenses and the upkeep of the campsite. We have access to players, coaches and tournaments that no church or other organisation in South Africa has. But for us to continue our ministry, we need financial support. Please pray about it and if you feel God move your heart for the work we do, please partner with us and support us financially and in prayer. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or go to our website (www.scas.co.za) to make a donation or pledge monthly support.

 We trust that you and your family will have a blessed rest of 2020 and that you will experience God’s love on a daily basis.

The SCAS Team