About SCAS

SCAS is a team of Christians passionate about God, people and sport. Our mission ground is the playing field, where we serve sports teams and individual athletes, professional and amateur, coaches and players, empowering them to live life to the full – grounded in the love of Christ. SCAS acts as a heart to the sports community – A centre for refuelling, the source for refreshing, a vibrant pumphouse serving people with everything they need to live life to the fullest. It’s the exchange where what’s depleted gets refilled – not just physically, but soul and spirit too. SCAS spreads and shares the love of Christ to bring life, restoration and wholeness – empowering athletes to excel in the truest sense.  Our new website is coming soon! Please click here and sign-up and be notified once the site is live.

Brand revamp
What’s the story behind our new visual identity?

A huge part of sharpening the SCAS focus is to tell the SCAS STORY well
– with a logo, look-and-feel and website that reflects what we’re all about. Our new brand is:

IN CHRIST: the ultimate human goal. In fact, the circle traditionally signifies God, wholeness & original perfection.

DYNAMIC: The logo’s S-shape represents the movement in sport, and the energy & optimism of our organisation.

FRESH: The gradient enhances the sense of movement, and also conveys freshness & youthfulness, together with bold & vibrant colours.

PEOPLE-FOCUSED: The S-shape represents the letter “S” for SCAS, and the dot transforms it into a human figure. The dot – and the larger circle that contains the logo – together point to individual & community, to a core with radial impact, and also to purpose…

Of course, the dot also represents a ball 😉 – an essential part of the many sports we’re passionate about.


All of the passion but not enough hands?

Organising events for sports and adventure is a passion we share with you. But we all know passion is just the beginning. You need resources, expertise, and many hands to ensure things run smoothly, safely, effectively. We’re here to fill those gaps for you.

We share your passion for sports and adventure. And we bring the hands and the know-how to fill the gaps.

Get involved


Some of the most important players are the ones on the support team, the ones who don’t always see the action, but make it happen. We’re always in need of funding and sponsors.


Our SCAS chaperones are awesome volunteers with a passion for serving God and sportspeople. Join our weekly SCAS “huddles” – where we share God’s word and community.